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Office Environment and Factory Scale

  • Office Environment

    • The company has a spacious and bright office environment, equipped with complete office equipment, providing a comfortable working environment for employees.

    • The company's office environment is clean and comfortable. Offices are equipped with computers, printers, and copiers, conference rooms are equipped with projectors and audio equipment, and rest rooms are equipped with sofas and coffee tables, providing employees with a good working and resting environment.


  • Factory scale

    • The company's factory covers an area of 15,000 square meters and has advanced production equipment to meet the company's production needs.It has dozens of high-precision processing equipment and multiple coor.dinate detection equipment to ensure the quality of production and processing.

    • The company's factory has a reasonable structure and scientific layout, and is equipped with advanced production equipment to improve production efficiency. The factory is also equipped with complete safety facilities to ensure the safety of employees.


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