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  • How to ensure equipment quality?

    1. Our company strictly implements 6S standardized management and controls product quality from production detail management. 2. The company has 62 high-precision CNC processing equipment and 3 high-precision three-coordinate testing equipment. 3. All production employees must pass the company's training and assessment before they can take up the job. 3. The equipment strictly follows national and industry standards starting from the design drawings. Each component produced is tested by professional QC before it is officially put into production. The purchased parts are provided by well-known brand companies, and the machine installers perform standardized process operations. , after the installation is completed, QC will conduct product quality inspection. After the equipment meets the standard, it will undergo a three-day aging test and then undergo quality inspection again. If the quality meets the standard, it will be shipped.

  • How long does the delivery time take?

    Standard models are in stock, while non-standard models and special circumstances can be delivered within 15 to 25 working days.

  • What kind of after-sales service can be provided?

    We can provide door-to-door service worldwide. Services include: equipment operation and use training, equipment maintenance, and equipment repair.

  • Is Qingong Company an equipment manufacturer or a trader?

    Qingong is an equipment manufacturer. We have professional foreign trade service personnel and technical teams to serve you directly, reducing traders from raising machine purchase prices.