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Common Fault Diagnosis Methods for Laser Cutting Machines


Common Fault Diagnosis Methods for Laser Cutting Machines

  •  Does the laser tube not light up when pressing the light button on the control panel of the machine?

1. Press the setting button on the machine panel → Is the laser power zero. (cannot be zero)

2. Press the setting button on the machine panel to confirm whether the laser mode is manual. (default to automatic mode)

3. Please check if the positive and negative electrodes on the laser tube are loose or poorly connected, and if the five wire terminals on the motherboard are loose.

4. Directly press the test button on the laser power supply to see if light can be emitted. For example, if light is emitted, the laser power supply and laser tube are good. If there is no light, please exchange the power supply.

5. If swapping the power supply still doesn't work, please replace the motherboard.

  •  Does the laser mouth not emit light? The light spot mode is not round, the moon is on and off, and there is a tooth shape?

1. Firstly, open the lid and press the light button to see if the laser tube emits light. If it emits light, it means that the light path is biased. Correct it.

2. When adjusting the light path, the light spot pattern on the transparent tape is not circular, moon shaped, and toothed. Please clean the reflector and focusing lens. If not possible.

3. Check if the reflector and focusing lens have worn or fallen off the film. If there is a similar situation, replace the above accessories.

  •  When the laser cutting machine is working halfway, the panel display screen shows "data error exceeding the limit" and the machine stops working?

1. The machine and computer must have good grounding.

2. Open the cutting software → click on the "File" menu → change the receive and send buffer times to 5 or 10 in communication settings.

3. Replace the data cable or motherboard.

  •  Press the same direction key on the panel, the motor will rotate forward and reverse, and the motor will not lock when powered on?

1. Check if the driver lights up red and exchange the motor drivers, if not possible.

2. Replace the motor wire in the chain. If not possible.

3. Replace the motherboard.

  • Is the high-pressure head of the laser tube leaking and causing a fire?

1. First, disconnect all power sources and wipe the high-voltage head clean with a cotton cloth. (Gently wipe)

2. Cut off the broken water pipe and reconnect it to the laser tube. Then tie it with a tie.

3. Reconnect the high-voltage wire. (There are 7 silver wires inside the high-voltage wire, and one cannot be less)

4. Use a fan to dry the wet area of the high-pressure head, and then turn it on again after half an hour.

  •  Power on alarm?

1. Is the water pipe turned on

2. Check if there is water in the water tank

3. Check if the water tank water pipe is stuck or if there are objects pressing against the water pipe, causing it to not flow.

4. Check if the signal wire of the water tank is loose or if there is a problem with the signal wire itself.

5. If it is a water tank alarm, check the water tank.

6. If it is a motherboard alarm, first confirm whether the motherboard water protection terminal is jumping. If it jumps, replace the motherboard.

  •  Does it not return to the original point when turned on?

1. Is the X and Y pulse indicator light on the motherboard.

2. Replace the motherboard.

8、 Is the laser cutting machine cutting a circle or not?

1. Check if the screws on the screw seat of X and Y are tightened.

2. Check if the wooden board is clamped tightly

3. Check the graphics for errors

  •  Dimming path

1. Firstly, adjust the laser power to around 10%, then turn off the upper laser, and then adjust the light.

2. Adjustment of the first light

First, stick transparent tape on the reflector for spot shooting to confirm whether the light is in the middle of the reflector, then adjust the three rotating screws on the reflector for adjustment, and hit the light in the center of the lens barrel. Finally, install the laser nozzle and then conduct spot shooting to see whether it is in the center of the laser nozzle.

3. Correct laser verticality

First, adjust the laser power to about 40%, and use an organic board to confirm whether the upper and lower beams are vertical. If they are vertical, then align the beams.

4. If on an organic board, the height of the laser tube is adjusted diagonally before and after the light, and the bracket of the laser tube is swayed left and right.

5. Aiming: After confirming the focal length of the upper and lower laser heads, loosen the screws on the right and front of the upper laser head for adjustment.

6. Use a wooden board to cut the zigzag shape, adjust the width of the knife seam, and adjust the verticality of the wooden board.

  •  Anonymous or device not detected in the list of Dahan Laser software? (Normally all digits)

1. Click to refresh the list and see if it can be detected.

2. Check if the COM terminal of the computer's data cable is loose.

3. Replace a computer and check it out

4. Replace the motherboard.