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The main factors that can easily lead to low quality of pipe bending machines


The main factors that can easily lead to low quality of pipe bending machines

The domestic pipe bending machine industry needs to catch up with and surpass the advanced technological level of foreign countries, strengthen the concept of "independent innovation, fine manufacturing", accelerate the pace of independent innovation, change the inherent shortcomings of domestic products falling behind foreign countries, and cannot always follow others to imitate; Strengthening precision manufacturing and improving the manufacturing process and quality of products, including various functional components and related accessories, are the two fundamental guarantees for manufacturing CNC machine tools. This will enable Chinese made pipe bending machines to quickly enter the international market and enhance international competitiveness. The domestic machine industry still needs to make efforts in order to stand among the world. 

Below, we will introduce in detail the main factors that can easily lead to low quality of pipe bending machines by the staff of diligent machinery?

1. Clear regulations have been made for the RX values and the outer thinning amount under various pressure levels, with the aim of controlling the RX and SX values to ensure quality.

2. When bending, the material is subjected to tension on the outer side and compression on the inner side. The position of the neutral axis is different from the bending method. During compression bending, the neutral axis is located about 1/3 of the outer wall, and during bending, the neutral axis is located 2/3 of the outer wall. So using the rotary bending method for thin-walled pipeline bending is also beneficial.

3. The accuracy of the bent tire is also one of the factors affecting the quality of the bent pipe. In the manufacturing of bent tires, in addition to controlling the specifications and dimensions within a certain tolerance range, users are also required to choose the corresponding bent tire based on the bent pipe diameter during use.

4. The bendability and surface corrosion of the pipe itself may also affect the quality of the bent pipe. During on-site construction, it is necessary to understand the material, processing performance, and production judgment of the processed pipeline for surface corrosion.

5. According to the acceptance specifications for pipeline processing, cold-formed steel pipelines are 4D for medium and low pressure, and 5D for high pressure. So our bending tire design is R=4D, so for the production of pipe bending machines, the main choice is to choose the relative wall thickness SX.