• Robotic Welding Automation FD-B1445

Robotic Welding Automation FD-B1445

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1. Position repeatability is the data obtained by measuring the position of the tool center point (TCP) according to ISO9283. 2. The values in parentheses are the results of wall mounting. 3. For wall mounting, the range of motion of J2 axis may be limited. 4. For floor mounting, the operating range of J3 axis is -170° to +180° . 5. Specifications for coaxial cables passing through the hollow part of J4 and J6 axes. The values in parentheses are other than these specifications. 6. The range of motion of J6 axis is limited by the posture of J5 axis. 7. The loadable capacity of the upper arm varies with the wrist load.

Robotic Welding Automation FD-B1445

Technical parameters:

ConstructionsVertical multi-joint type
Number of axes6
Maximum loadable weight4 kg
Position repeatability+/-0.08 mm(Note 1)
Drive SystemAC servo motor
Drive Capability2900W
Location FeedbackAbsolute encoder
Range of motionarmJ1(Rotation)+/- 170° (+/- 50° )(Note 2)
J2(front and back)-155° ~+90(Note 3)
J3(Up and down)-170° ~+245(Note 4)
wristJ4(Rotation)+/- 155° (+/-170° )(Note 5)
J5(Oscillation)-45° ~+225(Note 6)
J6(Twist)+/- 205° (+/- 360° )(Note 5、6)
Maximum speedarmJ1(Rotation)2.97 rad/s {170° /s](2.27 rad/s {130° /s})(Note 2)
J2(front and back)2.97 rad/s {170° /s}
J3(Up and down)2.97 rad/s {170° /s}
wristJ4(Rotation)4.89 rad/s {[280° /s}
J5(Oscillation)4.19 rad/s {240° /s}
J6(Twist)9.08 rad/s {520° /s}
Allowable wrist loadTorqueJ4(Rotation)10.1 N·m
J5(Oscillation)10.1 N·m
J6(Twist)2.9 N·m
Moment of InertiaJ4(Rotation)0.38 kg·m2
J5(Oscillation)0.38 kg·m2
J6(Twist)0.03 kg·m2
Robot movement range3.57 m2x 340°
Environmental conditions of useTemperature: 0~45° C, Humidity: 20~80% RH (no condensation)
Body weight145 kg
Upper arm loadable weight10kg(Note 7)
Mounting methodGround, wall, upside down
Body colorReddish brown

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