• CNC Metal Pipe Bending Machine
  • CNC Metal Pipe Bending Machine
  • CNC Metal Pipe Bending Machine

CNC Metal Pipe Bending Machine

  • QinGong
  • China
  • 15-25Days
  • 300 sets per month
·Can realize large radius or spiral product bending, with push bending function. ·Industrial computer system with 3D interference check function. ·Can be connected to robots and 3D measuring instruments, etc. ·Can directly generate 3D stereogram with input pipe data, and can simulate pipe forming process and pre-view pipe forming graphics. ·With perfect machine fault alarm function, and display alarm information on the screen, easy for the operator to find and troubleshoot

CNC Metal Pipe Bending Machine

CNC Metal Pipe Bending Machine is designed to meet the demands of various industries,  furniture ,motorcycle,Strollers, bicycles, car exhaust pipes, medical equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, etc.), construction templates,and so on .. With its advanced computer numerical control (CNC) technology, this machine offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in pipe bending.

Featuring a robust and durable construction,  CNC Metal Pipe Bending Machine ensures long-lasting performance even in demanding production environments. The machine is equipped with high-quality components and a user-friendly interface, making it easy to operate and maintain.

With its precise bending capabilities, CNC Metal Pipe Bending Machine allows for the creation of complex and intricate pipe shapes, ensuring a perfect fit for any application. The machine offers a wide range of bending options, including multiple angles and radii, providing versatility and flexibility in production.

Technical parameters

Max. bending diameter and wall thicknessmm Φ18×1.2Φ25×1.5Φ38×2Φ50×3Φ63×4Φ75×4Φ89×6Φ114×8Φ130×8Φ168×14
Max. bending radiusmm R120R160R180R250R250R300R300R450
Max.bending angle190190190190190190190190190190
Max. feeding lengthmm1800200022002500250030003000300030003500
Feeding modeDirect feed or clip feed
Pipe bending speed° /sMax180Max150Max150Max85Max85Max40Max30Max30Max30Max30
Pipe turning speed° /sMax200Max200Max200Max200Max200Max160Max160Max160Max160Max160
Feeding speedmm/SMax1000Max1000Max1000Max1000Max1000Max800Max800Max800Max800Max800
Pipe bending precision±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1
Pipe turning precision±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1
Feeding precisionmm±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1
Data entering modeCoordinates (X.Y.Z) 2、Working values (Y.B.C)
Pipe bending mode
Servo bending:1kwServo bending:2kwServo bending:3kw1, servo bending: 5kw (more than three axes) 2, hydraulic pipe bending
Pipe turning servo motor powerkw0.20.40.750.750.7511.5223
Feeding servo motor powerkw0.40.7511.51.51.52334
Number of pipe bending1、16 pieces (PLC type) 2、33 pieces (industrial computer type)
Storing part number1、1000 sets (PLC type) 1、2 million sets (industrial computer type)
Hydraulic motor powerkw
Max.system pressure (adjustable)Mpa10121212121214141414
Machine weightkg12001300150025003000450055006800780012000

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cnc tube bending machine

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CNC pipe bending machine

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