• Three-Dimensional Cutting Single-Axis Workpiece Laser Cutting Robot
  • Three-Dimensional Cutting Single-Axis Workpiece Laser Cutting Robot

Three-Dimensional Cutting Single-Axis Workpiece Laser Cutting Robot

  • China
  • 15-25Days
  • 300 sets per month
Model:QG-SWQ-1725-B Easily cut various profiles. Fast cutting speed and high efficiency. Products support customized design and production. Our robotic laser cutting machine with advanced laser technology, our robot can effortlessly cut through materials such as metal, plastic, and wood with high precision. Three-Dimensional Cutting Robot capability allows it to create intricate designs and shapes, making it ideal for industries such as Precision processing and production line automation transformation in aerospace, warships, engineering machinery, rail transit, automobiles and new energy vehicles, motorcycles, battery processing

Our robot laser cutting machine is a cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes the manufacturing industry. With its precision and efficiency, it offers unparalleled performance in cutting various materials with utmost accuracy.

The robot laser cutting machine boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for operators to program and control its movements. Its automated features ensure consistent and precise cuts, reducing human errors and increasing productivity.

Safety is a top priority for us, and our laser cutting machine is designed with multiple safety features to protect operators and prevent accidents. It also has a built-in monitoring system that alerts users of any potential issues, ensuring a safe working environment.

In addition to its cutting capabilities, our robotic laser cutting machine is also versatile and can be integrated into existing production lines seamlessly. Its compact design allows for easy installation and space-saving.

Three-dimensional cutting single-axis workpiece laser cutting robot Features

1. Comes with a cutting graphics software package to make cutting processing quick and convenient.

robotic laser cutting machine

2. The digital bus communication module enables more precise control of laser energy.

(Actual status of laser energy control detection)

robot laser cutting machine

3. The highly intelligent HMI host control interface makes the application operation of the equipment more convenient, and the real-time equipment auxiliary inspection reminder function makes the equipment use prepared.

Single-Axis Workpiece Laser Cutting Robot

4. Highly flexible positioning, tried with a variety of special-shaped pipe products.

robotic laser cutting machine

Application case pictures:

robot laser cutting machine

Technical parameters:

Power range1000W-6000W
Single tube load-bearing100KG
cutting speed25m

Cutting sample display :

Single-Axis Workpiece Laser Cutting Robot

Processable pipe details:

robotic laser cutting machine

Service Support · QINGGONG Robot:

Stricter quality control · Make quality better

robot laser cutting machine


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